July 09, 2020

The year of 2020 has been one to reveal many "true colors" in every sense of the word. Yesterday, Canadian singer, Safia Nolin has come forward to share that she was assaulted by non other than Quebec TV show host Maripier Morin. Safia shared her terrible experience via her Instagram account stating that Maripier had harassed and physically assaulted her. She also shared racist remarks stated by Maripier Morin:

Translated in English via @safianolin 

In today's updates, following the release of Safia's statement, Maripier Morin has now been dropped from contracts with Blush Lingerie and BonLook eyewear. Should Centre Rockland and Buick Canada follow as well? They should.

Maripier has a swimwear line that she recently launched named ORNORM that is all about "empowering women".  That itself, is an absolute sham. Here are 10 reasons to boycott her swimsuit collection.

1. Maripier has physically assaulted Safia Nolin, that alone is reprehensible. Who else has she done this to?

2. She has not only verbally abused and harassed Safia Nolin but has said extremely racist remarks.
As per Safia's account:

She said racist things. She told me "apart from being lesbian, what are you? I said "I am Arab" And she asked me why I wasn't in a taxi.

She also said when speaking of a bartender "the black bartender is angry because she is black"

3.  Her empty apology, hence making it all about herself in the end is devaluing the gravity of this situation and how it affected Safia.

Translated in English via @MariPierMorin 

4. Not once in her apology, did she ever take accountability for the racist remarks that were stated.

5. It is definite that her swimwear brand had a fake "inclusive" narrative. Clearly, Maripier has a lot of racist remarks to say. Don't give your dollars to this disingenuous swimwear brand. 

6. It's not the first time she has put her foot in her mouth. Maripier has previously been blasted for taking poor racial jabs towards Haiti on her talk show

When interviewing a fellow colleague: "Where did you make your worst trip, you said Tahiti ... are you sure it was not Haiti?" She launched to the humorist. A remark which did not seem to please the spectators of the program in re-broadcast, who did not hesitate to make it known on Twitter.

7. ORNORM's PR has strategically added "token" diversity to their campaign to diffuse Maripier's previous insensitive remarks, however the matter of the fact is...it's just for show.

8. There is no need to further elaborate, reason #1 is enough to understand why you should not support this brand.

9. Read reasons 1-7

10. She's cancelled.

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  1. Jumping on the cancel culture bandwagon. Shame on you. I wouldn't use your magazine as toilet paper. Do us a favor and cancel yourselves.