By Marcia B. - August 01, 2018

At Miami Swim Week 2018, numerous designer collections graced the runway however one swim week presentation created a scandal. 

 Designer, Silvia Ulson presented a collection that was a complete fraud. It turns out that swimsuits seen during her Miami Swim Week presentation were absolute copies from Bfyne Swimwear's 2017 Sahara collection. 

Nigerian designer, Buki Ade is the mastermind behind Bfyne. Look at the photos below and see the extreme plagiarism that Silvia Ulson has displayed at Miami Swim Week 2018.

If you are a pro in the swimwear game, there is no doubt that you have seen Bfyne's swims designs all over Instagram. 

How could a "so called" designer showing at Miami Swim Week let this happen?

Silvia Ulson dared to walk at the end of the runway show and receive praise from media and members of the industry who did not know the nature of her copycat collection. 


Silvia explains she paid a guy named Fernando in Brazil to supply designs for her Miami Swim Week show. She said she would never imagine that the styles were a copy. 

In the world of fashion, it is normal that one can have a whole design team behind the brand, however that does not mean that the lead designer should blindly let such plagiarism happen under her nose. 

Why didn't Silvia do her research? What a shame towards all designers who actually slave away to perfect their authentic and innovative craft and who could have had her place at Miami Swim Week.


In her interview with Fashion Week online, Silvia states that her presentation was for fun and the theme was that of Brazilian Pride and culture.

However, this is a lie. The actual designs demonstrated in her show display Nigerian prints and she also boldly added Native American headdresses to add to the "look". What a strong disservice, she has done to her own country, Brazil and to the cultures she has ripped off in her collection. 

Silvia states: "It would be interesting to have some bikinis with prints mixing the indigenous paintings that they paint on their body. For the Brazilian Indians, each painting has a meaning."

This is a JOKE. These paintings are of AFRICAN DESCENT. She needs to get grilled in court for plagiarism.  

This collection has sparked anger on social media, many internet users expressed their disappointment on her Instagram page. Those of Nigerian and Native American descent were deeply affected by the complete disregard of their cultural value. 

Subsequently, Silvia Ulson has coincidentally made her Instagram account private to avoid the tirade of comments and she has also blocked any accounts leaving angry comments. Thus, avoiding the truth and trying to salvage her brand. 

Quite frankly, after this scandal, I don't think anyone would be proud to wear Silvia Ulson's brand. She needs to publicly apologize for the blatant plagiarism and vow to never show at Miami Swim Week again.

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  1. Hello,

    Oh, lovely !


  2. These swimdresses are nice! I have the last one in a black color! But honestly beautiful but not the most comfortable!))

  3. What a scandal! Amazing swimwear though!!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  4. That seems like a terrible thing to let happen.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  5. Ohh no, what a story! Hope everything gets resolved.
    These swim pieces are gorgeous!

  6. it is the first time that I see this swimsuits !

  7. Oh my goodness I just received a swimsuit very similar to these ones I am photographing them next week I cannot wait So gorgeous xoxo Cris

  8. Thank you so much sweetie and welcome!! I'm so happy that you liked my outfit with the double-breasted dress and the vintage straw bag! I also really appreciate your kind words :) Soon much more so stay tunned, I've just published a new outfit, hope you like it! ;) Kss

    ♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥