January 22, 2018

I just landed from my holidays in Europe and I was frightened by the cold here in Canada. That is why I am taking preventive measures and planning my next vacation to a warm country. I don't know where I will go yet, however I am contemplating over Jamaica. 

While going through all my bikinis in preparation for my next adventure, I realized they are all mostly pink or bright colors, that is when I realized I needed a classic black bikini to add variety to my beach looks. UK swimwear approached me to review a swimsuit of my choice from their online shop, so this was the perfect opportunity to look for a perfect little black bikini. 

There are a variety of options on UK Swimwear's site, if you have more of a classic taste in swimwear. I would say that the styles available cater more to age 35+. So it was a bit of a challenge for me, however I found this beautiful gold label strapped bikini from the luxury Italian brand Vacanze Italiane.

I chose this look because of the cut out details that suited my more daring personality and of course the cheeky bottoms. Upon receiving it and trying it on, the fabric quality was great and I loved the ruching details on the bottoms, however the top did not flatter me as well. 

You can't see it clearly in the picture below, but sadly the triangle area seems to be problematic with fabric bulging out at the bottom which was not attractive. I adjusted the straps to its maximum shortened length to prevent the bulge, however that did not work. There are types of bikini tops that flatter some women and others not so much.  

I tend to wear triangle top bikinis on a string, that way it gives you free range to move the triangles around and it also gives you more of a lift when you tie it around your neck. Nonetheless, if you like investing in luxury high end swimwear than UK Swimwear boast of a lot of brands and options for the mature contemporary lady that has classic taste. When selecting a bikini, be sure that you purchase one that suits your body type. It's very tricky purchasing bikini tops with all the variety of shapes and sizes, however I will publish a guide very soon on the blog. 

If I could go for a second attempt at choosing a bikini that would be more suitable for my chest area, I would give the Gold Label Nero Bikini, a try. This one would suit my body type more as I am able to move around the triangles on the string and also have more "bra support". However, kudos for trying something new! 

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