May 15, 2017

This past season in the swimwear world, we have seen a huge shift in swimsuit trends, every bikini fashionista is wearing her bikini bottom straps higher than usual. Even brands that don't create the high cut leg bikini are marketing their bikinis as "high cut". At the moment, it's all about the 80's era. In this time, it was all about high cut swimsuits, skimpy straps grazing over a woman's hip, highlighting the female silhouette to the maximum. 

In the last decade, we had a dramatic change in the portrayal of the female body. Beforehand, very thin models with little hips were of the moment, now voluptuous figures such as Kim Kardashian are taking over front pages of hot magazines. This positive revolution has women of all shapes feeling empowered and not afraid to debut their bodies on the beach.

It is almost as if thinner body types are a minority now. If you shop on sites such as Fashion Nova, even the fit models on their site are not your typical thin model as seen in the past. Bodacious hips are now embraced, women are showing off their curves and are bold enough to wear high cut leg swimsuits. This cut is ultra sexy, elongates the legs and and adorns the female body. 

If you are looking to purchase a  "high cut" leg bikini bottom, I suggest checking out these hot brands for your next beach look:

Happy Shopping! 

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