Monica Hansen Swimwear

February 03, 2016

Former Miss Norway and renown model, Monica Hansen has her own luxury swimwear line which offers swimsuits that are described as sultry, contemporary and bohemian. If you look at all the gorgeous sets below, all 3 of these styles apply inherently. 

As an experienced model in the industry, Monica Hansen knows what will catch the eye of bikini fashionistas and what they desire to wear. They are looking for bikinis for every occasion, a fruity one-piece for splashes of fun, a crochet bikini to "wow" your man away or the simple white bikini that is timeless but gets everyone's attention. 

Pineapple Lovers White One-Piece, also available in black.

Monica Hansen's line is made in Italy with the best in Italian materials. Her collection features handmade crochet, real freshwater pearls, laser-cut designs as well as prints she has created herself.

As you can tell, this debut collection has many influences. Monica pulls her inspiration from 70's Boogie Nights, Bohemian style and a dash of Studio 54.

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