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November 27, 2012

Guest post provided by Amy Carson - writer for Hapari Swimwear

We’ve all faced the problem of trying to look our best in a swimsuit. Sometimes the suits that are trendy this year just don’t look all that great on our bodies, while other times we get lucky, and they actually do look good. The key is to find a swimsuit that looks fantastic and makes you look and feel your absolute best. Everybody has a different body, but no matter if you are small chested, long torso-ed or pear shaped, there is a suit for you that will turn heads at the beach.

If You are Big Chested…

A swimsuit with underwire support is a good choice. Support and coverage prevent any wardrobe malfunctions and can give you a fun and flirty look without going over the top. If you are big chested, avoid swimsuit tops that look unflattering such as skimpy triangle tops or bandeaus. Instead, opt for a supportive halter top or a one-piece swimsuit with a built in support and bra.

If You Have a Small Bust…

It is wise to look at swimsuits that build up your bust and elongate your frame. Swimsuit tops with underwire or padding help build up a smaller bust and demi-bra styled tops can create a fuller bust line. Ruffled and bandeaus tops are ideal if you have a smaller bust, and try to get suits with adjustable straps to create a custom fit to your body. Suits with too much fabric can make you look even smaller and suits with a poor fit can make you look saggy. Consider purchasing swimsuits separately to find the perfect top with a cute bottom that fits just as well.

 If You Have a Short Torso…
It is important to elongate it with the perfect swimsuit. Swimsuits with high cut thighs and plunging necklines draw the eye and shape the body in a longer motion. Legs look longer with high cut thigh suits and this cut is great for curvy women as it appears to give you a smaller waist. Plunging necklines draw the eye in an appealing, continual movement that elongates the shape of the body, drawing out a short torso. If you have a short torso, avoid skirted bikini bottoms and boy short bottoms. They tend to make the body look shorter and cut off the shapely and long look your legs can offer. For printed options, purchase a suit with vertical stripes (once again drawing the eye vertically and lengthening the body) or wear solid bikini bottoms with a printed top to draw the eye upward.

If Your Are a Person With a Long Torso…

You can wear almost anything. Bright colors, horizontal stripes, cut out suits (monokinis) and even bottoms with boy shorts.  Fun and flirty embellishments at the hips and bust can bring a little personality to the beach and ruffles and cover-ups break up your long torso in a good way. Avoid vertical stripes as they will just elongate you more and forget about high necklines and solid colors. If you are looking at a one piece, try out a monokini. They break up your torso and are very trendy and cool. Not many people can pull them off, but you can.

If You Are Pear Shaped…

Color blocking is your friend. One piece swimsuits with a slightly lighter color on top will help you look smaller all over and a unique cut swimsuit can accentuate a small waist while hiding larger hips. Avoid skirted bottoms or boy shorts as they tend to make legs look shorted and a bum look bigger. Suits with fold over waists are also nice to bring down a rear view and help you look your best at the beach.

If You Have a Boyish/Athletic Build…

Swimsuits with the appearance of curves are what you need. For bodies that are straight up and down with little to no curvature, swimsuits with volume and interest are perfect. You can try out bolded print suits, and look for bottoms with ties at the sides. Both add the appearance of curves and a top with some chest support add help to the top half of your body. Avoid solid colors and lean more towards ruffles and supportive, printed tops.

If You’d Like To Cover Up a Tummy Pooch…

Get a tankini swimsuit.  Instead of unflattering black one piece suits, tankinis offer concealment for the untrimmed tummy and give you support and room to move all in one go. Darker colors are slimming and to draw the eye away from your tummy, go for dark bottoms with fun and flirty tops. Retro inspired boy short swimsuits with a high waist are stylish and flattering while covering up a tummy pooch and are also a solid option to cover up.

The Right Swimsuit for You

The next time you try to get a swimsuit that will rock your awesome body and turn heads at the beach, remember which suits, colors, and features will look best on you. This is the key to finding a swimsuit that looks fantastic on your body, is stylish, and makes you look (and feel) your absolute best.

Guest post provided by Amy Carson - writer for Hapari Swimwear

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