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June 10, 2012

The SAGA woman is young at heart, sophisticated and independent. She is a bikini fashionista who searches high and low for the next big thing rather than settling for current trends. The Saga swimwear ladies sent us some swimsuits to review, we absolutely fell in love with their cutting edge designs. The Bikini Fashionista loves Saga swimwear, unique & edgy,  Saga offers hot monokinis, luxury one-pieces and sexy bikinis for swimwear lovers who want to remain unique on the beach. Inspired by travel, each Saga piece is named after an international airport! Check out Saga swimwear on our BF model, Anna and read our interview with Saga!

What is the inspiration behind Saga swimwear?

Travel is the inspiration behind SAGA Swimwear. I travel a lot and each place I go I learn something new about cultural differences, foods, landscapes, design and myself. Each trip or the anticipation for each journey is the excitement I want to convey through my work.

When did you start designing?

I officially started designing swim in 2000, when my mother bought me my very own sewing machine and I started design school. I grew up with custom made clothes that I designed and a grandma that beaded ball gowns. Growing up in San Francisco, when it was still a manufacturing hub, I had the luxury of shopping sample sales from a very young age.

What about swimwear excites you? Why did you decide to design swimwear?

Although most girls cringe at the thought of swimwear, they actually forget all of that when they are on vacation enjoying beaches and the company of those they love. I found a gap in the market: I feel that swimwear is always designed for the girl that lives in her bikini rather than a urbanite that escapes in hers. I wanted city girls to have a voice in swimwear, that is what I have accomplished with Saga swimwear.  I love the restrictions of swimwear, there is only so much space to work with and how clever you use your space sets you apart as a designer.

What is a bikini fashionista to you?

A bikini fashionista is my business partner, Alex. The girl that just can't get enough swimwear, she needs bikinis, monokinis, one-pieces, itsy bitsy swim and anything that makes her stand apart. Once you get into swimwear you realize you can't just have one. You need them for parties and you need different ones to balance your tan lines.

What is your best-selling swimsuit?

The Narita swimsuit is our number one selling suit, we can barely keep them in stock.

The Narita

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