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June 26, 2012

Talented designer Mauricio Esquenazi of Peixoto Swim highlights the importance of the swimsuit as being more than accessory, he believes that it’s all about keeping comfort and style in mind. Upon corresponding with the Peixoto team, we let them know how much we loved the Amore Puro bikini from the 2012 collection, "Such is the life in the Tropics". Inspired by elements found In the tropics, Peixoto echoes nature’s scenery onto their swimsuit creations. This beautifully made bikini embraces tropical essence, marrying a bright orange and green combination to create a look that is reminiscent of the rainforest. The Bikini Fashionista absolutely loves the feel of the luxurious fabric as well as the practical fit. The rippled bottoms hug the hips with ample stretch and comfort. The ruched bottoms adds a little "give" to the bottom area which is perfect. We interviewed Miami based designer Mauricio Esquenazi about his stylish yet functional swimsuit brand, read our full interview and view our favorited Peixoto bikini, Amore Puro!

What is the inspiration behind Peixoto swimwear?
Peixoto seduces through mystery and confidence. I find it to be more interesting and flirtatious when things are left to the imagination, therefore Peixoto gives women a sexy swimsuit that does not cross the line to vulgar. For example, Peixoto’s signature cut is a cross between the tiny style that reveals too much and the overly large brief that often conceals feminine beauty. When I am designing I think of my girlfriend and the bikinis she would wear when vacationing with my family at a resort somewhere in the Caribbean.

When did you start designing?
I started designing almost three years ago. My background is marketing and advertising, but I have always been very passionate about the fashion industry and grew up around it in my grandfather’s lingerie factory in Colombia. It was not until three years ago that I found myself getting into what has become Peixoto.

What about swimwear excites you? Why did you decide to design swimwear?
If I could live on a beach, just wearing a swimsuit and enjoying the sun, I would! I started Peixoto after noticing that my friends always had a hard time finding a swimsuit with the right fit, at the right price. Swimsuits were either too big, covering too much; or too small, revealing too much — neither of which is appealing. I also noticed how women complained about the fit because the swimsuit bottoms were too tight and would dig into their hips. My love for the beach and the void in the market led me to begin working on Peixoto.

What type of fabrics does Peixoto swimwear use?
We use elastane/nylon from the top textile manufacturers in Colombia to ensure a long lasting product. All the prints are original, produced and printed exclusively for Peixoto.

Any upcoming events for Peixoto this summer?
In July, Peixoto will be at Salon Allure in Miami Beach to showcase our 2013 collection and to spread the word about our swimwear, we want our brand to be available to women around the world!

The Bikini Fashionista team is excited about the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection - "Color me Lovely", lookout for updates on Peixoto Swim!

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