Showroom 212!

February 03, 2012

The Bikini Fashionista visited Showroom 212 in NYC, to check out the latest in beach attire! Upon arriving at the brazilian fashion showroom, The "BF" talked Agua de Coco, Cecilia Prado Mare and the newly launched sandal line, Amazonas!

As a follow-up to our previous post on Agua de Coco, The Bikini Fashionista viewed the 2012 collection up close and personal. Designer, Liana Thomaz creates all her swimwear with the utmost intricacy. The finish and make of the swimsuits are of extreme quality - shaping and contouring of the garments are made exquisitely to caress the curves of the body perfectly. Pulling inspirations from modern art, Agua de Coco's 2012 collection showcases so much variety in design - from classy to edgy, demonstrating the vast spectrum of art's variances.

Bikini Fashionistas are highly embracing Liana Thomaz' rendition on modern art at the beach. The Bauhaus theme is a consumer fave, we love the Bauhaus beach dress!

Velvet lycra is a newly proposed element in Agua de Coco's 2012 collection, the velvet brazilian one-piece suit is to be coveted for the upcoming season!

Read our latest post on Cecilia Prado Mare, we chatted about the knit luxury brand who recently launched their swimwear division, we are so excited to have seen the unique craft personally, the tedious artistry is perfected onto comfortable beach attire for a diversity of bikini fashionistas. The established brazilian brand has collaborated with famous brazilian designer, Amir Slama of Rosa Chà on her latest collection!

The Cobra bikini is a best-seller, very popular amongst swimwear lovers.

Cecilia Prado Mare makes a variety of bikini bottom cuts appealing to every type of bikini fashionista, whether you want minimal or maximal coverage, there is an alternative for everyone. We absolutely loves this pink knit bikini, very sensuous and glamorous with the gold detailing.

Cecilia Prado Mare is also very popular for resort wear, offering bikini fashionistas beautifully knitted items to sport over your swimsuits. We absolutely love this tunic, the color scheme is tropical and fun, perfect for your resort vacation!

Knitted shorts are all the craze for the upcoming season, we love this orange pair of delicate knit shorts, a definite "bikini fashionista" fave.

Amazonas is a new sandal brand deriving from the popular brand Havaianas, offering bikini fashionistas comfortable flip flops in a plethora of colors and fun prints to sport at the beach. Amazonas debuts in full force with irrestible sandals designs that are impeccably cute for the beach.

Amazonas creates bio-degradable sandals, that are impressively long-lasting and flexible. Their cute sandals can also be adorned by fun charms that add that special glitz to your beach accessory. The bikini fashionista highly recommends every beach lover to own a pair of Amazonas sandals, they are the next big thing for summer 2012.

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