Aqua Di Lara Swim!

February 22, 2012

The Bikini Fashionista visited La Maison Ishi in Montreal to check out the fabulous Aqua Di Lara swimsuits designed by innovative designer, Reyhan Sofraci. Upon arriving, Erica Crowder of the Aqua Di Lara team greeted bikini lovers into a showroom of swimsuit frenzy complemented by sweet treats. Read our interview with Reyhan Sofraci:

What do you like about swimwear? You can create so many different styles and variations out of the smallest piece of fabric, it's thrilling!

What type of material do you like to use? I like to use materials that serve as protection by adding a layer to your skin. UV resistent and quick to dry materials are Aqua Di Lara staple fabrics. We want our consumers to feel like they are not wearing a bathing suit.

What are your best selling swimsuits? The mesh swimsuits are really in, as well as the Diamante and the Estia swimsuit.

La Maison Ishi was such a pleasant venue for the sale, known as an excellent spa service that hosts many events, it's a definite fave spa of ours and we highly recommend bikini fashionistas to check it out!

Don't forget to read our Aqua Di Lara post for MB Fashion Week Swim! Read our full coverage here. The collection consists of dreamy, classic and edgy elements. Sweet beach cover ups and bright crisp colors - this is luxury swimwear, inside & out, the lining is made to caress your body offering ultimate comfort and quality. Shop Aqua Di Lara!

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