November 30, 2011

Based in the North Shore of Maui, Hawaii, Designer Cara Miya Davies of C.Miya Swim, creates her unique designs out of her personal studio space, Cara Miya believes that a bikini fashionista must always look and feel great and should covet a C.Miya swimsuit just as much as she loves  her fave t-shirt or pair of jeans! Cara Miya is a "connoisseur" of body draping and values the importance of appealing to all body types. Her acquired bikini expertise is exquisite, she knows what silhouette will work on your body.

In a bikini culture like Maui, women literally live in their bikinis, this is why it is important for C.Miya Swim to offer timeless swimsuits to bikini fashionistas in Hawaii but also internationally.  In her latest collection, Cara Miya collaborates with unique artist Keytoe Kiriaty offering swimwear creations that are more than memorable. We caught up with the talented designer to get the full scoop on C.Miya Swim, enjoy our interview!

Describe the inspiration behind C.Miya Swim?

The inspiration behind C.Miya Swim resides in my love to design swimsuits that flatter different body types.  I love designing close to the body, displaying the beauty of a woman's curve.

When did you first start designing swimwear?

I started designing swimwear in March of this year,  I had been talking about it for years,  saying "One of these days I am going to start designing swimwear"! I started my education in Florence, Italy where I took fashion design courses, than I moved to San Francisco where I attended California College of Arts.

Tell us about your boned bandeau bikinis, we love them!

This design idea happened over night, I have always wanted to create a bandeau top, however I did not like how it would squeeze my chest area, obsessed with corsetry, I came up with this revolutionary boned bandeau design. Another clever fact is that I created this design to fasten in a clasp at the back, this way it can fit many sizes.  It's a great top and I love the reaction I get when women try it on, they are always shocked with how comfortable it is and how well it stays up!

What bikini bottom cuts does C.Miya swim design?

There is a huge gap between the islands and the mainland when it comes to bikini bottoms. In Hawaii, the bikini bottoms are tiny, it is hard for me to find a bottom with the necessary coverage and I'm a size 8. In the mainland, the bikinis are huge, therefore as a swimwear designer, I am bridging that gap,  with bottoms that have plenty of coverage in the front were you want it but are still cheeky in the back.  My most popular bottoms are my rouched bottoms,  they are wide on the sides like a small boyshort and cheeky in the back with rouching up the center back seam.

Where can we buy C.Miya Swim?

On my etsy shop at C.Miya Swim or at my store, Indigo Paia in Paia, Maui.

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Website: C.Miya Swim

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  1. Omg I love the boned bandeau bikinis!!! I have never seen any design like that, I really want this, something that will keep my chest area secured and give me a lift, i really love this idea! Great post, i'm gonna check the shop.

  2. I love the suits! I love the second set of three with the black and two pink, I want all three of them for myself!


  3. I am so loving all of these pieces! :)

  4. Gorgeous bikinis and fabulous interview!


  5. That boned bandeau bikini looks fab! xx

  6. Really liked your site & suits! Perri is also a friend. Good luck this Friday in Honolulu. Maybe the same kind of show could happen at the Mercedes dealership here on Maui. Good luck to you!