Bikana Swimwear!

August 22, 2011

Bikana Swimwear ranks itself as being on the top of the Bikini Fashionista's list for unique swimwear designers! A luxury swimwear line that offers fashionable prints and color combinations that aren't like any other, Bikana is a venezuelan brand offering authentic swimsuit designs to bikini fashionistas who want to be one of a kind gems on the beach.  Designer, Ana Evelina Peña is constantly innovative and infuses the essence of tropical flare in her swimsuit designs.  The Bikana woman is flirty, festive, loves colors and likes to remain classically unique on the beach at all times!

The Bikini Fashionista loves the funky prints that Bikana swimwear utilizes in their designs, when wearing a Bikana swimsuit, your festive spirit will always shine through!

The cute ruffle details on Bikana's bikinis make their swimsuits playful and perfect for the bikini fashionista who likes a touch of innocence in her beach attire intertwined with a subtle sexy look.

The Bikini Fashionista loves all of Bikana's swimsuits, they are fashion forward, memorable and perfect to wear at the beach!

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