Daniela Millan Jewelry!

July 18, 2011

At The Lifestyle Retreat Lounge, we got to know jewelry designers Daniela and Lorena Millan of Daniela Millan Jewelry. Sisters and business partners, the Millans birthed their one of a kind jewelry line out of Daniela's college dorm room. Officially launched in 2009 and based in Mexico City, Mexico, the inspiration behind the line stems from the designers love of multi-culturalism and hand-crafted elegance. Their designs made with ever-refined artistic wire, each piece is hand-made to perfection by the designers themselves. A lover of fine jewelry and sexy swimwear alike, The Bikini Fashionista asked questions for every fashionista:

Who is the Daniela Millan woman?

The Daniela Millan woman is classic, sophisticated and loves to be chic! She isn't afraid to take risks and experiment with color. She has a style of her own!

What is Daniela Millan's best selling piece?

Our leather bracelets are a client favorite starting at $83!

What is trending in jewelry designs at the moment?

Big stones and statement pieces are trending and can be seen on every runway this summer season!

Describe Daniela Millan in 3 words...

Sophisticated, unique, feminine... That's our client!

Daniela Millan designs are every bit of sophistication as the collection is known for the use of intricate techniques like crochet. Available at OleUnlimited.com and Isa Boutique in Midtown Miami respectively, Daniela Millan is making waves in sunny Miami Beach and beyond. Stay Tuned for more exclusive coverage of Daniela Millan at Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Swim 2012. Visit: www.DanielaMillan.com

Shekinah Johnson
for The Bikini Fashionista


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